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Stafford International School

This website intends to give a clear profile of Stafford international school, which could be accessed by those who are interested, especially, potential parents.

Founded in 1986 as an independent and private educational institute, Stafford is a coeducational, international school. It follows the British curriculum which prepares the students for the London University IGCSE and Advanced (A/S, A/L) Level examinations. High performance in these British exams qualifies students for entry into British and other foreign universities. The curriculum is stringent and comprises a broad and balanced range of subjects.

Our objective is to impart a holistic education which would enable our students to emerge as well balanced individuals. With this in view, Stafford offers a wide spectrum of extracurricular activities comprising sports, cultural, literary and social activities. Though one of our main strengths is the high standards achieved in English, we believe in imbuing our students with the values of the eastern culture and traditions. The day commences with the national anthem and the school song, followed by religious prayers, and one period per week is devoted to teaching religion and religious discussions. Therefore our education system, whilst giving importance to English, refrains from producing an alien culture and misfits for our society.

The academic staff forms a committed, qualified and professional team, working hard to deliver a quality education, relevant to the modern world.

Within school, our children live in a diverse community, multicultural, multinational and multilingual, and great emphasis is laid on mutual respect and tolerance, as our aim is to promote unity in diversity through harmonious co-existence.

Our system of education is structured and comprises the Lower Primary, Primary, Middle School and Upper School.

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